File Metadata

File metadata will contain basic file properties like size, parentId, creation date, modified date, extension, eTag, etc.File specific metadata will also be included for certain file types. For example, image files will return image properties like height, width, exposure, lat/long, etc. and audio file type will return properties like artist, album, codec, etc. Metadata is retrieved from the EXIF data on file. My Cloud Home cannot generate properties If EXIF data is not available.

  GET /sdk/v2/files/{file-id} HTTP/1.1  Host: Endpoint-URL  Authorization: Bearer eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciO  200 OK  {     "id":"mkBZrz9Qj_-7plqdxximhInL9FCp1BRkZVqZY8y1",     "parentID":"MioeRB24H-CUOXeuJbt5sr5HCSNN0UKaNMIfWmUr",     "eTag":"\"Ag\"",     "size":634035,     "mimeType":"image/jpeg",     "name":"profile_pic.jpeg",     "mTime":"2016-10-12T23:10:27Z",     "cTime":"2017-02-07T19:51:38.088Z",     "storageType":"local",     "extension":".jpeg",     "hidden":"none",     "image":{        "date":"2016:10:01 16:18:04",        "width":1688,        "height":1364,        "cameraMake":"Motorola",        "cameraModel":"XT1575",        "aperture":2,        "exposureTime":0.00786,        "isoSpeed":64,        "focalLength":2.35,        "flashFired":false,        "orientation":1     }  }