Why Develop for My Cloud Home?

We love creating new products. Our innovative My Cloud Home is the perfect storage solution that empowers users to take control of their often-scattered digital content. With the My Cloud Home solution, users can easily aggregate all of their photos, videos and files from their smartphones, computers, USB storage, cloud and social media accounts in one central place and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. My Cloud Home enables users to take control of their digital lives from anywhere in the world. 

Join us and discover the benefits of collaborating with My Cloud Home.

My Cloud Home Device SDK, allows you to build new extensions features and capabilities and integrate them into the My Cloud Home ecosystem. You can build intelligent apps that utilize diverse content stored in the device like music, videos, images, files, etc. and provide more meaning to the user’s digital data.


By engaging with the My Cloud Home platform, you minimize your cloud infrastructure and setup expenses and reach millions of devices with significantly reduced time to market and delivery. Develop your apps with out-of-the-box API functionality and launch it in My Cloud Home App Catalog.


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The table below briefly explains the menu on the left to help you get started.

Menu Links Description
What is My Cloud Home? About My Cloud Home device, architecture, specifications and the layers of security.

Types of applications you can develop with My Cloud Home Device SDK: On-device and Off-device.

Note  Please read the topics in the “What is My Cloud Home” section, before proceeding to create your app.

Off-Device Applications

Everything you need to know to create Off-device applications.

  • Systematic development steps
  • Authorization flow and authentication details on how to get access token
  • API features, and much more
On-Device Applications

Everything you need to know to create On-device applications.

  • Systematic development steps
  • Difference between a regular Android and On-device app
  • Hello World app
  • First Device app
  • Interacting with users and managing content
  • Useful tips
  • Downloads
FAQ Answers to frequently asked questions.
Glossary List of terms used in the Developer Portal.

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